New dimensions of artistic digital creation. The institute is affiliated with the Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung HfK+G*. The private and accredited university of applied sciences has campuses in Ulm and Stuttgart.

The patron of the institute would like to give students an understanding of the new dimensions of artistic digital creation with all its forms, facets, and opportunities. For that purpose he makes the premises, technical equipment, and funds available to the students.

The goal of the institute is to support and promote experimenting with new techniques and exchanging ideas with international students and artists.

The institute would like to bring interested parties and artists together – not only in museums, but also in digital spaces.

Digital art will be given a platform, which will further advance and establish it as a recognized branch of art. Herein, the focus will lie on researching new ideas and techniques.

This is the main idea that the „Institute of digital art“ would like to pursue and promote.

Exhibition Digital Sculpture

We are happy to welcome you to the opening ceremony for the exhibition Digital Sculpture – Follow the Unknown on Friday, January 26th 2018 at 7pm in the Museum of Ulm. The exhibition will show the award winners of the contest Digital Sculpture organized by the Institute of digital art.

Winners of the digital sculpture award

Picking a winner from over one hundred entries was not easy for the jury. After an initial online preselection process the jury met at the Institute in Ulm where the final selection has been done.

Gallery Award-Winning Works