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Price for Digital Sculpture 2016

Contest form closed

Thanks for the numerous submissions. The competition team is currently in preparation for the pre-jury. The jury will take place in week 8 2017.


Dr. Ursula Ströbele (Universität der Künste Berlin)
Tina Sauerländer (peertospace.eu)
Dr. Stefanie Dathe (Ulmer Museum)
Prof. Otto Wolff (HfK+G Stuttgart)
Prof. Simon Gallus (Institute of digital art)

The jury is responsible for a professional and appropriate selection and awarding of the submitted pieces of art.

Digital Sculpture

Digital art: Nothing is currently changing the artistic community like the new digital techniques, which are becoming available to artists and contemporary art alike.

Digital art is blending with already existing art. Hence, new artistic forms are being created.
There are no boundaries to creativity and individual design options.

The „Institute of digital art“ would like to offer both students and artists new, inspiring paths of experiencing and creating art in the digital field and to promote exchange with international institutions.

In order to promote this innovative art form, the institute announces for the first time the “Digital Sculpture” contest.

Legal recourse

Legal recourse is excluded. In all contested cases the jury will decide.

The works which received one of the first three prizes may be displayed, presented online and published by the „Institute of digital art“.


The winning projects will be awarded the following prizes:

  • First prize:        €2,500.00
  • Second prize:    €1,500.00
  • Third prize:        €1,000.00

Sponsor of the prizes is the „Institute of digital art“

Email: contact@institute-of-digital-art.com