Why an institute for digital art

Digital techniques unlock an unbelievable range of opportunities. New dimensions of creativity are attainable.
The institute would like to offer both artists and students the whole spectrum of digital possibilities to engage in the process of shaping a new facet of art and to create sources of inspiration with the means of digital techniques.

Fascinating works which have been created digitally are meant to breathe new life into “paralyzed” art.
Creative spaces are developing on the web. Viewers may enjoy a new level of illusion when they discover new art forms in digital worlds.

Digital art must continue to establish itself in the artistic community.

The „Institute of digital art“ would like to provide artists with a platform to join in the effort to research new possibilities of exchanging ideas on an international level and of conveying the enthusiasm of creating a digital piece of art.

Digital art may reach a wide audience. People not previously interested in art will become excited about art through the blend of technology and digitization.

Digitization should also be a tool to make art available to a bigger public. If people lack the opportunity to visit museums, digital art can come to them by entering their living-rooms via the Internet.